About Sigma

Your Trusted Partner in Imaging

As imaging evolves, Sigma does too – improving our reach, speed and expertise without sacrificing personal touch.

At Sigma, we know the importance of image quality to healthcare, business, and lives. We also know how to repair, rather than replace, expensive parts. It’s a winning combination loved by customers who call us again and again, and proven by countless CT, MRI, and PET/CT systems running smoothly – often beyond typical lifespans.

Where we started – and where we’re going.

Founded in 1991, Sigma has grown from a local service organization to a valued industry partner for the biggest names in imaging. Between 1977 and 1991, Sigma’s founder performed CT and MRI installations for leading manufacturers and independent service organizations, distinguishing himself as a reputable engineer in the industry.

With these roots, Sigma has evolved from a three-person operation to a thriving 30+-person enterprise. Sigma’s team continues to grow organically, recruiting and cross-training exceptionally talented engineers with great emphasis on the component-repair philosophy that has been cultivated since the company’s inception.

At the turn of the century, however, Sigma was faced with a challenge of providing cost-effective parts to expedite system repairs. The company embraced this as an opportunity to supplement the component-repair philosophy by growing an extensive parts inventory, which empowers customers with more options and the ability to make well-informed decisions whether to replace an entire assembly or attempt a component level repair. This expansion was accompanied by a significant increase in full system sales and installations, as well as warranty and service package options.

Sigma’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015

In the past decade, Sigma has formed partnerships with some of the nation’s largest imaging networks. Instead of competing with manufacturers and other independent service organizations, Sigma made a strategic decision to form symbiotic relationships that serve all interested parties, including multi-vendor partnerships with Siemens Medical Solutions and GE Healthcare. Sigma’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Today, Sigma serves a diverse customer base, ranging from small clinics to large imaging networks and hospitals, including veterinary health providers across the United States.