Core Values

Raising the Bar on Quality

Sigma’s core values are more than words on a page. They’re principles we live by.


We’re committed to treating our customers and employees fairly and with honesty – the way we like to be treated. We stand behind every promise and product, not because it’s “good business” (though it is), but because it’s right. Customers and employees tell us that our commitment to character is a key reason they stay with us, year after year.


We go miles beyond the one-size-fits-all engineering and customer service that most imaging centers have grown accustomed to. Our tireless commitment to quality means rolling up our sleeves and doing whatever it takes to deliver for our customers. This approach is just one reason we’ve grown and thrived in today’s competitive healthcare market.


At Sigma, we understand that life happens – and we remain committed to our customers and our employees through the good times and the bad. Whether it’s supporting a fellow staffer during a challenging season or working with customers who are facing tough times, we believe loyalty is integral to healthy lives – and healthy business.