Better Systems + Best Images + More Uptime = Less Stress

Quality imaging is vital to your patients. Consistent uptime is crucial to your practice. Lean on Sigma for the life of your scanning system.


When scanners go down, reputations and profits go with it. It’s why we offer affordable, hassle-free maintenance that can prevent problems before they start. If your system’s already facing issues, Sigma's expert engineers fix it fast, handling repairs in-house for a speedy turnaround. And it’s not just operational problems we solve: We can also help you buy, sell, install, de-install, and relocate systems. It’s why top hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, and practices rely on Sigma.


Sigma can supply common-failure replacement parts for various vendors. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find someone who does.


Purchasing the right diagnostic imaging equipment is critical to your hospital or imaging center. Sigma understands the business of diagnostic imaging. We are the ideal partner for helping you choose the best equipment for your needs.