Reliable When You Need Us, Dependable When You Call

Sigma manages all aspects of your diagnostic imaging equipment so you can focus on providing excellent patient care. Our flexible and affordable service options are individualized to your needs and cover all phases of your system’s lifespan.

If your needs change, Sigma adapts, always managing your diagnostic imaging equipment in the context of your unique business goals and demands.


Service is the heart of our business. Sigma’s prompt and dedicated engineers are proficient in all facets of imaging equipment and capable of servicing CT, PET CT, and MRI made by leading manufacturers.

Philips Philips Philips
Siemens Siemens Siemens
Toshiba Toshiba

Service Solutions

We understand how crippling equipment downtime can be. Routine maintenance can prevent issues before they arise, virtually eliminating system breakdowns and stress. When unexpected problems do occur, Sigma’s talented engineers – who bring a true passion for system repair – diagnose them quickly, so that you can get back to scanning patients. Our extensive inventory lets us offer same-day parts delivery in our service area, and can get your system up and running even faster.

CT, MRI & PET/CT Service

Service Contracts – Whether you’re looking for full security or shared risk, we’ll work with you to determine the ideal service package based on your needs and equipment lifecycles.

Service As-Needed – We’re here for you anytime, whether you’re in a jam, just want to try us out, or prefer service and maintenance as needed. No service request is too big or too small. Our service hours are listed below.

*Minimum 2 hours labor and 2 hours travel for all time and materials service visits

Preventive Maintenance – Our detail-oriented and knowledgeable engineers comb through your system, ensuring it’s clean, performing at its peak, and compliant. Call us when you need us, or let us manage preventive maintenance and quality assurance for you. We offer affordable and thorough preventive maintenance on a flat rate and service contract basis.

MRI Magnet Services – Our magnet expertise goes back to the inception of the MRI – from routine monitoring, repair, and maintenance to the toughest MRI magnet issues for all MRI brands serviced.

  • Magnet monitoring
  • Cryogen fills
  • Coldhead and compressor (repair and replacement)
  • Magnet ramping
  • Thermal recycling

Service Hours

MRI Service
Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
After Hours, Weekends, Holidays

CT Service
Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
Priority – 
After Hours, Weekends, Holidays

PET/CT Service
Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
After Hours, Weekends, Holidays

Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
After Hours, Weekends, Holidays

Part Repair

Replacing coils and other high-value parts is not always necessary. Sigma can often repair rather than replace parts, dramatically reducing your costs.

  • Coil repair solutions

System Evaluations

Maybe you’re thinking of buying or selling a diagnostic imaging system or perhaps you would like an assessment of equipment you already own. Our knowledgeable and thorough engineers know precisely what to look for when performing evaluations. System evaluations can be tailored to your needs and come complete with detailed inspection reports.

System Installations, Removals, and Relocations

Whether you’re purchasing, decommissioning, or just relocating your diagnostic imaging equipment, Sigma is your turn-key solution. We handle everything from consulting and management to project execution for all system types and brands serviced.

  • System installations
  • System removals
  • System relocation
  • System staging

System Storage

Whether short-term or long-term, we can store your diagnostic imaging equipment in a safe, climate-controlled, and monitored environment.

  • MRI Magnet Cold Storage
  • MRI, CT, and PET/CT Storage



Sigma’s longevity and reputation don’t stem from technical expertise alone. We truly understand your business, protecting your interests as if they are our own. At Sigma, your success is paramount.