As a service-focused company, we’re always so happy to hear feedback from our customers.

“I will always go to Sigma.”

“Running an imaging center is all about patient care. And the first step in that process is making sure the imaging equipment are up and running at all times and that the quality of images are at the highest level achievable. When an MRI or CT unit goes down, the entire healthcare system is affected. Your patients miss their appointments, causing delays in their follow-ups, throwing havoc into their daily lives, and causing chaos – all while the scheduling team tries to minimize the damage. It is because of this that I always work with Sigma. They are business owners and they understand what goes on in my office. They have been there for me time and time again, kept their promises, and given me information that sometimes would reduce their profit – in return for a long-term relationship. There are areas in my business where I look for new vendors, but after having been Chairman of Radiology in a busy hospital in Manhattan as well as owning and operating several private imaging centers in NYC, as far as my equipment needs are concerned – I will always go to Sigma.”
— Mr. Prakesh

“Your FSE did an amazing job”

“Your FSE did an amazing job resolving our problem, and I am very grateful for you making this happen so we can practice the best medicine efficiently.”
— Dr. Richard Joseph