Healthy Pets and Practices Start with Sigma For CT, MRI, and PET CT

Reliable imaging is the lifeblood of all veterinary practices. Minimize your interruption using Sigma for service, systems, and parts.


Sigma’s preventative maintenance means you never have to turn away business. Or call us when problems do flare up, and we’ll keep the downtime short and stress-free. We can also help you buy, sell, install, de-install, and relocate systems. It’s why top veterinary hospitals and clinics, rely on Sigma.


Sigma can supply common-failure replacement parts for various vendors. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find someone who does.


Purchasing the right diagnostic imaging equipment is critical to your hospital. Sigma understands the business of diagnostic imaging. We are the ideal partner for helping you choose the best equipment for your needs.